For the Sky

by Solanin

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released April 1, 2010



all rights reserved


Solanin New York

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Track Name: Ame no Uta
(Japanese lyrics)

Ame no uta
Ame no uta
Sono hi, hashite kaeta
Nureta fuku wo nuida
Kyuu ni haru ga kita
Kotoshi mo kureru

Hana hana hana
Doko ni sundeiru

Ame no uta
Ame no uta
Kare ni hana wo moratta
Ame ni shiroku natta
Kyuu ni harete kita
Ashita mo hareru

Hana hana hana
Doko ni sundeiru

(English translation)

Song of the rain
Song of the rain
On that day, we came home running
We took off our wet clothes
Suddenly, spring came
This year, it can also come

Flower, flower, flower,
Where do you live?

Song of the rain
Song of the rain
He gave me flowers
In the rain, they turned white
Suddenly, the sun came out
Tomorrow, it can also come

Flower, flower, flower,
Where do you live?
Track Name: The Lemon Tree - Part 1
In the shadow of the mountain, two children born
In the quaking fit of a summer storm
A midnight flash--their mother was lost,
A rippling echo in a lake of frost.

As their mother sank into the opposite world,
They saw her two reflections merge.
So every soul watches from two windows,
One death one life, one boy one girl.

In the shadow of the riverbed, they watched her flight--
In a golden mirror, a tree of light
And it bore a trunk down into the earth
Swinging all its branches like their mother in birth
It swung its branches like a mother in birth

And as they grew, they dripped with
The smell of the lemon tree
As if untrue, their trembling hands
Set strands of pollen free
Netting the flies and cleaving
The route of the bumblebee
Through air, that light was tearing
The night's blind trajectory

I was that tree. You were my earth.
I knew your touch before my birth.
And when my leaves fell with the frost,
You were the roots I never lost.

And when the night shouldered the air,
Blanketing all, blinding and fair,
I was that cry. Night was my song--
Star-spattered sky, I will belong.
Track Name: The Lemon Tree - Part II
That day, the river wove its own story
And I waited silent, hearing its breath
As daylight ascending over the apple tree
Plucked from the bark the ark of death

And knowing my tree would one day sink into the river
I called to my brother, "Let's run away
For I see the peak of the mountain cut sharper
Against the sky. Oh, we must find our father."

We wrapped our feet in woven grass.
We stored our water in gourds.
With vines we tied them to our backs.
We knew he had to be higher, higher.

Oh my brother,
Don't stop though the rain comes
For we must climb higher
And force our feet to meet the sun.

After one week of climbing up the mountain,
I no longer knew my feet from the stones--
So cracked like the bark of the blossoming cherry tree.
My blood whispered free from the cage of my bones.

And on the seventh day, the rain came.
I was so happy I laughed.
I knew that it would wash all of me clean again.

But night drew the rain around us
And I thought of a blanket growing thicker
Sharpening each tree and living thing
Like a cherry tree blossoming, blossoming,
White blossoms in my eyes--the snow.

Under the snow how bright
All of the stars
And with what a willing light
The moon pierced the branches
For the first time in my life
I knew what fear was
My brother I tied to me with vines
(Abandoning the gourds, for our water had frozen)
And so, both tied together,
We pulled and we pulled,
Pulled at each other,
Charging in opposite directions,
Two polarities each all for the other.

I tried to hide beneath a treetop
How the snow found me
I tried to hide beneath a riverbed
It nearly drowned me
I tried to burrow down to safety
What cruel deception--
The heat of those tongues lapping at your breath
And whispering, "We are protection."

My love, my love,
When the cold wind comes closer,
Remember this--
This story I've told you
And don't keep me warm--
Will you teach me to be warmer
For I'll rescue myself
From that cold storm--forever

Oh my brother,
Don't stop though the rope breaks
For I will find you in the snow
No matter how many years it takes

Why I survived and my brother was taken
I will never know, but at least I'll ask why
Oh my life, what a price you demanded
Just to learn that my father was the sky

And when, on that peak, all the snow faded below me
And I saw that mountain peak sipping dusk from the air,
The night sky a maze of amber-trapped memory,
All flooding with light
Well I knew we were there.